Journey Through the Bible, Lesson Book, Unit 12

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A "Journey through the Bible" is a six-year curriculum designed for use in weekly young people's meeting through the school year. The "Journey through the Bible" progresses through the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, covering many crucial points along the way. Strictly speaking, this is not an exposition of the Scriptures. The emphasis of the "Journey" is to pick up points, persons, and matters from the Word and apply them to the young people's practical situation. As such, the A Journey through the Bible is designed to complement the six Summer School of Truth lessons books.

The entire curriculum consists of 12 units of 18 lessons each. Two units (36 lessons) can be covered each year.

The manual of Annotated Lesson Outlines (teacher's manual) for each unit describes the objective, synopsis, and background of each lesson, gives Bible reading and background reading (ministry) references, explains some points, gives suggestions on how to present the lesson, and includes applications for each lesson for use with junior high schoolers and with gospel friends.

Unit 12: The Overcoming Christ, Lesson Outlines

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